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Seminarios académicos y conferencias

The Notre Dame – PUC Luksburg Conference on Recent Advances in Macroeconomics

14 marzo 2019 - 9:30 a 18:00

Sala de Postgrado, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Administrativas UC

9:30        Registration

10:00    “On the Dynamics of Asset Prices and Liquidity: the Role of Search Frictions and Idiosyncratic Shocks”

Alexandre Janiak – PUC Chile
Elton Dusha – Universidad Diego Portales

11:00     “A Micro-Macro Approach to Pin Down Models for Policy Analysis: An Application to Monetary Non-Neutrality”

Ernesto Pastén – Central Bank of Chile
Gee Hee Hong – International Monetary Fund
Matt Klepacz – College of William and Mary
Raphael Schoenle – Brandeis University

12:00     Coffee break

12:20     “Institutional Specialization”

Bernardo Guimaraes – Sao Paulo School of Economics – FGV
Kevin Sheedy – London School of Economics

13:20     Lunch (by invitation)

14:40    “Geometric Rational Inattention”

Zachary Stangebye – University of Notre Dame
Roc Armenter – Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Michele Muller-Itten – University of Notre Dame

15:40     Coffee break

16:00    “Coordinating in the haircut: A model of sovereign debt restructuring in secondary markets”

Adriana Cobas – PUC Chile

17:00    “Demographics and Monetary Policy Shocks”

Nelson Mark – University of Notre Dame
Kimberly A. Berg – Miami University
C. Curtis – University of Richmond
S. Lugauer – University of Kentucky

20:00     Dinner (by invitation)