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Publicado en: Artículo en revista académica

Books or laptops? The effect of shifting from printed to digital delivery of educational content on learning

Francisco Gallego; Rosangela Bandoa; PaulGertler y Dario Romero Fonseca

Economics of Education Review, on line 15 July 2017

Abstract: Information and communication technologies can be used for educational purposes, but these devices may also pose as distractors that may tamper with the learning process. This paper presents results from a randomized controlled trial in which laptops replaced traditional textbook provision in elementary schools in high poverty communities in Honduras. We show that at the end of one school year, we fail to reject that there were no differences between laptop and textbook provision on mathematics and Spanish test scores and in non-academic outcomes related to coding and verbal fluency.

JEL classifications: I21I28J24O15
Keywords: ComputersTextbooksRCTEducationTechnologyE-learning


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