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Publicado en: Artículo en revista académica

The impact of terms of trade and macroeconomic regimes on private saving

Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel; Francesco Grigoli (International Monetary Fund); Alexander Herman (International Monetary Fund)

Economics Letters, vol 145, August 2016, 172-175, 2016

In this paper we present novel findings on private saving behavior. Relying on the largest available world database, we find that higher terms of trade (TOT) raise saving, and this effect is much larger for temporary TOT shocks. When credit constraints are less binding, the marginal effect of higher TOT on private saving is lessened. Accelerations in TOT growth and larger TOT volatility raise private saving. While adopting fiscal rules and floating exchange rate regimes yields no effect on private saving, introducing an inflation targeting regime reduces private saving, possibly by lessening the need for precautionary saving.

JEL classification: C23; E21; H30

Keywords: ConsumptionPrivate savingTerms of tradeFiscal rulesInflation targeting; Exchange rate regime


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