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25 de julio 2017
La Reforma Agraria Chilena: Hechos Estilizados a la Luz de una Nueva Base de Datos

This paper presents a series of stylized facts for the Chilean agrarian reform building on data from archival files of each plot involved in the process. The data includes the size and location of each plot, the time of the expropriations, the legal reasons invoked for the expropriation and the final result of the process. […]

10 de julio 2017
Distorted Quality Signals in School Markets

Information plays a key role in markets with consumer choice. In education, data on school quality is often gathered through standardized testing. However, the use of these tests has been controversial because of behavioral responses that could distort performance measures. We study the Chilean educational market and document that low-performing students are underrepresented in test […]

06 de julio 2017
Can land reform avoid a left turn? Evidence from Chile after the Cuban revolution

Following the creation of the Alliance for Progress in 1961, several structural reforms were implemented in Latin America in response to the political effects of the Cuban Revolution. Among these, land reform was arguably the most important policy. Using a unique dataset of land expropriations, and a plausible exogenous variation in land concentration, this paper […]

06 de julio 2017
Local impacts of trade liberalization: evidence from the Chilean agricultural sector

Protectionist trade policies aim at shielding some sectors— typically, but not exclusively, manufacturing—from international competition. In doing so, they may produce unintended consequences. In particular, they tend to create some taxed sectors that use protected inputs, usually in the agricultural sector, which end up facing a negative effective rate of protection (ERP hereafter). In this […]

01 de junio 2017
Nuevo Sueldo Ético: Perspectivas y Desafíos

Chile ha tenido importantes avances en la lucha contra la pobreza. En 1990 teníamos un nivel de pobreza del 38,6%. En 2013, dicha cifra cayó al 7,8% . No obstante, el hecho de que todavía exista un número no menor de personas en situación de pobreza sumado a que los nuevos estándares de medición de pobreza […]

11 de mayo 2017
Minimum Wage and Productivity: Evidence from Chilean Manufacturing Plants

Abstract: This paper analyzes the effects of the minimum wage on a firm’s productivity. The main hypothesis is that an increase in the minimum wage has a negative effect on total factor productivity (TFP) due to the existence of labor adjustment costs. Using data from Chilean manufacturing plants for the period 1992–2005 and a difference-in-differences methodology, […]

06 de marzo 2017
Personalized Information as a Tool to Improve Pension Savings: Results from a Randomized Control Trial in Chile

We randomly offer to workers in Chile personalized versus generalized information about their pension savings and forecasted pension income. Personalized information increased the probability and amounts of voluntary contributions after one year without crowding-out other forms of savings. Personalization appears to be very important: individuals who overestimated their pension at the time of the intervention […]

25 de enero 2017
The effects of financial aid and returns information in selective and less selective schools: Experimental evidence from Chile

Schools that provide higher education often belong to either a merit-based selective system or an open-access less selective system. We present the results of a field experiment that provided Grade 12 students in Chile with tailored information about financial aid and average earnings and employment probabilities for schools and careers in both types of schools. We […]

11 de enero 2017
Educación en Paro: Un Estudio Empírico de la Deserción Escolar y el Movimiento Estudiantil de 2011 en Chile

Este trabajo estudia los paros escolares producto del movimiento estudiantil del año 2011 en Chile como un shock potencialmente exógeno a la deserción escolar de las estudiantes. Usando registros académicos oficiales a nivel colegio, las estimaciones punto de este trabajo sugieren que los paros aumentaron las tasas de deserción escolar en un 35% (desde un base de 8.5%); mientras […]

02 de diciembre 2016
Inversión y capital: Chile, 1833-2010

This paper reports sources and methods utilized when estimating Chilean gross investment and net capital stock of fixed assets between 1833 and 2010.Two types of assets are identified: (i)machinery and equipment and (ii)construction (total). The main source for machinery investments is imports and a price for such goods based on Chilean import structure and export […]