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13 de mayo 2016
The Economy of Dubai

Over the last 50 years, Dubai has transformed itself from a small fishing and trading village into an integrated, modern, and vibrant economy. The development process was initiated by oil richness but, unlike most other oil exporters, it has successfully diversified away from hydrocarbons with the creation of world-class clusters of financial services, tourism, and […]

31 de marzo 2015
Economía Monetaria Internacional

El libro analiza la balanza de pagos y el mercado de divisas, el proceso de ajuste de los pagos internacionales bajo diferentes sistemas cambiarios, las interrelaciones entre los problemas de desempleo y el equilibrio externo de la economía, la paridad de tasas de interés y los mercados cambiarios a futuro, el nexo entre el grado […]

04 de marzo 2015
On the Costs and Effectiveness of Tarjeting State Employment: Germany in the 1990s and China in the 2000s

The German unification process imposed a significant price-cost squeeze on eastern firms. Important technology differences between the East and the West generated high pressures on the competitive position of eastern manufacturing firms when product and factor markets integration took place. In order to avoid mayor employment and output costs, the government subsidized eastern firms. A […]