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26 de marzo 2015
The Efficiency Cost of the Kafala in Dubai: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis

The Kafala (or sponsorship) system is the key instrument behind the economic development of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and most Middle East economies. The system governs both labor migration and foreign investment by assigning a native-UAE sponsor to each migrant worker and each foreign investor. Sponsors enjoy significant command over these factors and extract […]

24 de marzo 2015
Has the UAE Escaped the Oil Curse?

The UAE is blessed with vast deposits of oil and gas. Contrary to other oil-rich economies, the UAE seems to have escaped from the so-called “oil curse”. We study how the UAE used resource rents to achieve economic development and provide higher welfare for the local population. We identify, nevertheless, symptoms of the resource curse […]

24 de febrero 2015
Sources of Economic Growth and Development Strategy in Dubai

This chapter provides a long-term analysis of the determinants of economic growth in Dubai in the period 1975–2008. The analysis focuses on long-run trends and abstracts from short-run fluctuations and other transient phenomena. We extend in time, scope, and depth previous work by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2004). Beyond the customary difficulties of analyzing the determinants of […]