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02 de marzo 2016
Adopting a Cleaner Technology: The Effect of Driving Restrictions on Fleet Turnover

Abstract: Driving restrictions —limits on car use based on the last digit of a car’s license plate— are increasingly popular forms of pollution and congestion control, notwithstanding the literature has shown they typically result in more pollution by moving the fleet composition toward higher-emitting vehicles. We study a design feature present in some restriction programs but much overlooked in […]

09 de julio 2015
Early Exposure to Hazardous Waste and Academic Achievement: Evidence from a Case of Environmental Negligence

Abstract: This paper estimates the effect of early exposure to toxic waste on academic achievement. We analyze longitudinal information from individuals attending primary and secondary schools in Arica (northern Chile). Between 1984 and 1989, the city received more than 20,000 tons of toxic chemicals containing high concentrations of lead, arsenic, and mercury. We implement difference-in-differences […]