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06 de mayo 2015
Intrahousehold Allocation and Bargaining Power: Evidence from Chile

Until 1999, children born out of wedlock in Chile had fewer child support rights than those born to married couples. I interpret a change in this law as an increase in the household bargaining power of women in cohabiting relationships. Using a panel of cross-sectional data, I find a decrease in the probability of working […]

14 de abril 2015
Making Yourself Attractive: Pre-Marital Investments and the Returns to Education in the Marriage Market

I explore how a gender’s scarcity may impact educational investments using exogenous variation in the marriage market of second generation Americans in early twentieth century. I find that worse marriage market conditions spur higher pre-marital investments: the effect for males is significant, while, for females, it is only observed in highly endogamous groups. When faced […]

26 de marzo 2015
Gender Differences in Major Choice and College Entrance Probabilities in Brazil

I study gender differences in major choice and college entrance probabilities in University of Campinas, a Brazilian public university dependent on the State of Sao Paulo. As with most Brazilian public universities, students select a major, and then compete for a place in that major by taking a major-specific entrance exam. This singular characteristic of […]