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12 de mayo 2015
Inversión Privada e Impuestos Corporativos: Evidencia para Chile

Basado en información microeconómica, este trabajo provee evidencia acerca del impacto de la tributación corporativa sobre la inversión. Utilizando datos para Chile, mostramos que un aumento de 10% en la tasa de impuesto corporativo reduce la inversión como fracción del stock de capital entre 0,2% y 1% bajo diferentes especificaciones econométricas. Este impacto difiere dependiendo […]

08 de abril 2015
La Tasa de Descuento en Proyectos de Inversión de Largo Plazo

This paper estimates the rate of discount to be used in Chile when evaluating long run projects with environmental consequences. The methodology is known as Gamma Discounting and was presented first by Martin Weitzman in the American Economic Review in March 2001.

08 de abril 2015
Inversión y Ajuste Macroeconómico: El Caso del Este de Asia

One of the most impressive features of the succesfull East Asian economies has been their ability to mantain very high rates of investment. Beyon any doubt, this factor has been crucial in determinig their growth performance over the past three decades. This paper attempets to expalin the evolutionn of investment in four East Asian economies: […]

07 de abril 2015
El Impacto de la Reforma Tributaria en la Inversión en Chile

This paper analyzes the impact that might have the tax reform on investment in Chile through a neoclassical general equilibrium model, extended as to include taxes on capital and to consider compensations through tax benefits for investment in physical capital. The simulations lead to conclude, as expected, that after a permanent change of taxes we […]