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05 de mayo 2015
The Impact of a Carbon Tax on the Chilean Electricity Generation Sector

This paper aims to analyse the economy-wide implications of a carbon tax applied on the Chilean electricity generation sector. In order to analyse the macroeconomic impacts, both an energy sectorial model and a Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium model have been used. During the year 2014 a carbon tax of 5 US$/tCO2e was approved in Chile. […]

13 de abril 2015
Market Power in Pollution Permit Markets

As with other commodity markets, markets for trading pollution permits have not been immune to market power concerns. In this paper, I survey the existing literature on market power in permit trading but also contribute with some new results and ideas. I start the survey with Hahns (1984) dominant-firm (static) model that I then extend […]

08 de abril 2015
Estimación de los Beneficios en Salud del Plan de Descontaminación de Santiago

Environmental authorities have recently submitted a Decontamination Plan (DP) for Santiago Metropolitan Region.The objective of the DP is to reach the air quality standards in a period of fifteen years. With this purpose, the Plan contains a series of measures and incentives aimed at trying to change the behavior of the economic agents. The Plan […]