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10 de abril 2015
Desalineamientos Monetarios, Desalineamientos Cambiarios e Inflación: Chile 1986-2003

This document is centered in analyzing the mechanisms of transmission of the monetary and real exchange rate imbalances on the inflation rate. It initially focuses on determining the balances on these markets, and therefore, it studies the money demand and the long run trajectory of the real exchange rate. These two subjects are used like […]

08 de abril 2015
Política Cambiaria en Chile: La Experiencia de una Década (1984-1994)

This article offers a description and analysis of the exchange policy in Chile from 1984 to the present, with particular emphasis on the dilemmas that the authorities have had to face at different times. In the first part of the period under analysis, says the author, the exchange policy was oriented towards confronting the balance-of-payment […]

04 de abril 2015
Reglas de Política Cambiaria: El Caso de la República Dominicana

This essay attempts to identify a policy rule for the Exchange Rate in the Dominican Republic for the period 1996 – 2008. Firstly, the de facto exchange rate regime is detected using the approach found in Hausmann, Panizza & Stein (2001) and Calvo & Reinhart (2002). The data shows that in 8 out of the […]