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03 de julio 2017
Tailoring Instruction to Improve Mathematics Skills in Preschools: A Randomized Evaluation

Previous research suggests that tailoring instruction to each student needs can produce significant learning gains. However, few programs have successfully implemented this approach in practice. In this paper, we present the results of a randomized evaluation of a program that uses an individualized scaffolding approach during regular school hours to teach the basic elements of numbers and shapes […]

04 de octubre 2016
Books or Laptops? The Cost-Effectiveness of Shifting from Printed to Digital Delivery of Educational Content

Information and communication technologies, such as laptops, can be used for educational purposes as they provide users with computational tools, information storage and communication opportunities, but these devices may also pose as distractors that tamper with the learning process. This paper presents results from a randomized controlled trial in which laptops replaced traditional textbook provision in elementary schools in […]