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Publicado en: Artículo en revista académica

Desigualdad, movilidad, pobreza: Necesidad de una política social diferente

Claudio Sapelli.

Estudios Públicos, 2014. Vol 134: Pages 59-84.

Abstract: In Chile, income is distributed on a substantially more equitable basis among younger generations than older generations. There is a greater social mobility and less poverty in the younger generations. The overall trends ´are going well´ but social policy has not been adapted to this new scenario. This article discusses how the design of social policy should be changed in order to take into account these findings. The author believes that social policy must focus on poverty and social mobility. The design of new programs should therefore be centered on accompanying individuals in one stage of their lives (during an episode of poverty) and not forever (because these people are not intrinsically poor). Consequently, the program should be based on income and not on the indicators of a welfare survey, whatever its content may be. It is important to acknowledge that there is an important time dimension to poverty and that there is high mobility between the poor and the non-poor. Social policy should be adapted to that reality instead of representing an obstacle.