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Estimación de los Beneficios en Salud del Plan de Descontaminación de Santiago

Environmental authorities have recently submitted a Decontamination Plan (DP) for Santiago Metropolitan Region.The objective of the DP is to reach the air quality standards in a period of fifteen years. With this purpose, the Plan contains a series of measures and incentives aimed at trying to change the behavior of the economic agents. The Plan implies a 50% reduction in PM10, NOx, VOC and SO2 emissions and a 60% reduction in CO emissions. This study presents an estimation of the health benefit of the Plan based on the health cost avoided with the Plan. They are obtained by comparing the health effects that would occur in the absencece of the Plan with the effects that would occur with the Plan. The effects in each situation, are estimated with the dose-response function approach and then transformed to monetary units using the human capital approach. The difference between the monetized health effects with and without the Plan are the benefits attributed to the Plan