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Publicado en: Documento de Política Pública

Licitación de los seguros asociados a los créditos hipotecarios: algunos resultados y propuestas de mejoramiento

Abstract: This paper review the chilean experience related with the mandatory public tenders of the insurances related with mortgage loans, its principal results and some proposals for the improvement of the system. In the first chapter there is a discussion about the reasons that justified this law. In the second chapter there is a description over the principal elements contained in the law and some special considerations over insurance premium collection activities given the relevance that those activities had in the discussion of the law and in the proposals of this paper. In the third chapter there is an overview of the main results of the mandatory public tenders through time, from the perspective of the price of the insurances and of the insurance brokers fees, the property relation between tender entities and the insurance companies and insurance brokers that become the winners of the public tender, etc. In chapter four there is a special discussion over the evolution of the insurance brokers fees and over the doubts related with the degree of competition in its determination. Finally, in chapter five there is a discussion over the policy options opened for improving the system and specifically there is a proposal for having a more competitive determination of the insurance brokers fee that is consistent with a public tender system that
promotes the lower insurance prices for the technical risks.


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