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Publicado en: Artículo en revista académica

Part-time work, job satisfaction, and well-being: evidence from a developing OECD country

Tomás Rau; Rodrigo Montero

The Journal of Development Studies, 2015. Vol. 51, Issue Nº 4

Abstract: We estimate the effects of part-time work on job and life satisfaction using new data for Chile. While part-time work is being promoted to increase female labor participation in many countries, there are concerns about its quality and the overall effect on well-being of such policies. We estimate models for job and life satisfaction addressing for endogeneity and selectivity bias. We found that part-time work has a negative effect on job satisfaction and well-being for men; however when looking at just woman, the negative effect is reversed. This should be considered when designing public policies oriented at increasing female labor participation through part-time work.


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