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Publicado en: Artículo en revista académica

The E?ect of Transport Policies on Car Use: Evidence from Latin American Cities

In an e?ort to reduce air pollution and congestion, Latin American cities have experimented with di?erent policies to persuade drivers to give up their cars in favor of public transport. This paper looks at two of such policies: the driving restriction program introduced in Mexico-City in November of 1989 –Hoy-NoCircula (HNC)– and the public transport reform carried out in Santiago in February of 2007 –Transantiago (TS). Based on hourly concentration records of carbon monoxide, which comes primarily from vehicles exhaust, we ?nd that household responses to both HNC and TS have been ultimately unfortunate –more cars on the road and higher pollution levels– but also remarkably similar in two important aspects: on how policy responses vary widely among income groups and on how fast households adjust their stock of vehicles, when they do.