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Publicado en: Artículo en revista académica

What is the price of freedom? Estimating women’s willingness to pay for job schedule flexibility

Jeanne Lafortune; José Tessada; Monserrat Bustelo; Ana María Díaz; Claudia Piras; Luz Salas;

Economic Development and Cultural Change

Abstract: We conducted a discrete choice experiment to elicit women’s revealed preferences regarding job schedule flexibility (flexible scheduling and part-time employment) in a developing country context. We did so with an incentivized methodology for job seekers. On average, women have a high willingness to pay for a flexible schedule within a full-time contract but a much lower desire to trade wages for part-time contracts. The willingness to pay for a flexible work arrangement is largest for more affluent women, while willingness to pay for part-time employment is the highest among those with higher time demands.