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  3. Inducing Overconfidence


Artículo en revista académica

Inducing Overconfidence

  • person

    Francisco Silva; 

  • class Economic Inquiry, anuary 2017. Vol. 55, Nº 1. Pages 451–460

Abstract: In this study, I present a theory which explains how the influence of others may generate overconfidence. The argument is built on the idea that the more help an agent receives when performing a task, the less informative the score on that task will be relative to the agent’s ability to perform it. If an agent is confident, he tends to benefit from more cooperation opportunities simply because he is likely to be perceived as being
more skilled. As a result, he remains confident because the future signals he will observe will contain very little information regarding his ability. On the contrary, if the agent is not confident, he will receive more informative scores, which will help him learn his true ability faster.