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  3. Monopolization with Must-haves


Artículo en revista académica

Monopolization with Must-haves

  • person Juan-Pablo Montero

    Enrique Ide

  • class American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (Forthcoming)


An increasing number of monopolization cases have been constructed around the notion of “must-have” items: products that distributors must carry to “compete effectively.” Motivated by these cases, we consider a multiproduct setting where upstream suppliers sell their products through competing distributors offering onestop- shopping convenience to consumers. We show the emergence of products that distributors cannot afford not to carry if their rivals do. A supplier of such products can exploit this must-have property, along with tying and exclusivity provisions, to monopolize adjacent, otherwise competitive markets. Policy interventions that ban tying or exclusivity provisions may prove ineffective or even backfire.