Publicaciones recientes

Lending Terms and Aggregate Productivity

Nicolás Figueroa; Oksana Leukhina
◆ Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, forthcoming ◆

Early Exposure to Hazardous Waste and Academic Achievement: Evidence from a Case of Environmental Negligence

Tomás Rau; Loreto Reyes; Sergio Urzúa
◆ Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Eco ◆

An Empirical Analysis of Possible Reforms to the Disability and Survivors Insurance in Chile

Gonzalo Edwards; Guillermo Martínez, Juan Pablo Contreras
◆ Journal of Population Ageing, forthcoming ◆

A Dominance Solvable Game with Strategic Substitutes

Rodrigo Harrison; Pedro Jara
◆ Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol 57. March 2015, 1-11. ◆
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Documentos de trabajo

Monetary Policy and Economic Performance in Resource Dependent Economies

Raimundo Soto; Bassem Kamar
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 462, 2015. ◆

Do Micro-Entrepreneurship Programs Increase Wage-Work? Evidence from Chile

Claudia Martínez A.; Esteban Puentes, Jaime Ruiz-Tagle
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 461, 2015. ◆

Regional State Capacity and the Optimal Degree of Fiscal Decentralization

Martín Besfamille; Antonio A. Bellofatto
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 460, 2015. ◆
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Verónica Mies

Verónica Mies

Profesor Asistente
Crecimiento y Desarrollo Económico, Política Monetaria, Finanzas Internacionales
Felipe Larraín

Felipe Larraín

Profesor Titular
Macroeconomía, Economía Internacional
Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Profesor Titular
Macroeconomía, Finanzas Internacionales, Crecimiento, Desarrollo y Pensiones

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