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"Time is (Crypto)Money: Mining Difficulty and Incentive Compatibility of Cryptocurrencies"
"Media Attention and Strategic Timing in Politics: Evidence from Presidential Executive Orders"
"Risk appetite and economic growth"
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Publicaciones recientes

Equilibrium in the Bottleneck Model with Atomic and Non-atomic Users

Hugo Silva; Robin Lindsey; André de Palma
◆ Transportation Research Part B: Methodological (2019). Vol. ◆

Vintage-specific driving restrictions

◆ Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming ◆

The Value of Political Capital: Dictatorship Collaborators as Business Elites

Felipe González; Mounu Prem
◆ Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Vol. 155, Novem ◆

Chilean Trade 1880-1930: A comment on the sources for the age of exports

José Díaz; Marc Badia-Miró
◆ Revista de Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin ◆
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Documentos de trabajo

How Do Subnational Governments React to Shocks to Revenue Sources? Evidence from Argentina

Martín Besfamille; D. Jorrat, O. Manzano y P. Sanguinetti
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 522, 2019 ◆

The Geography of Dictatorship and Support for Democracy

Felipe González; María Angélica Bautista, Luis R. Martínez, Pablo Muñoz y Mounu Prem.
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N°521, 2019 ◆

Tax Decentralization Notwithstanding Regional Disparities

Martín Besfamille; Antonio Andrés Bellofatto
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 520, 2019 ◆

What’s Behind Her Smile? Looks, Self-Esteem, and Labor Market Outcomes

Francisco Gallego; Cristian Larroulet y Andrea Repetto
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N°519, 2018 ◆
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Juan-Pablo Montero

Juan-Pablo Montero

Profesor Titular
Organización Industrial, Economía Ambiental y de la Energía
Jaime Casassus

Jaime Casassus

Profesor Asociado
Economía Financiera, Economía Matemática
Francisco Gallego

Francisco Gallego

Profesor Asociado
Scientific Director J-PAL LAC
Desarrollo Económico, Historia Económica, Economía de la Educación, Economía Política
José Diego Salas

José Diego Salas

Instructor Adjunto
Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization and Environmental Economics.

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