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"The Scope of Sequential Screening with Ex-Post Participation Constraints"
"Transit, Academic Achievement, and School Adaptation: Evidence from a Subway Expansion".
"Wilderness Conservation and the Reach of the State: Evidence from National Borders in the Amazon".
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Publicaciones recientes

The Chilean Anti‑cartel Experience: Accomplishments and Challenges

Nicolás Figueroa; Umut Aydin
◆ Review of Industrial Organization, forthcoming ◆

Channels of US Monetary Policy Spillovers to International Bond Markets

Sebastián Claro; Elias Albagli, Luis Ceballos y Damian Romero
◆ Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming ◆

Inventory Management, Product Quality, and Cross-Country Income Differences.

Sebastián Claro; Bernardo S. Blum, Kunal Dasgupta e Ignatius Horstmann .
◆ American Economic Journal, Macroeconomics, forthcoming. ◆
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Documentos de trabajo

The Privatization Origins of Political Corporations

Felipe González; Mounu Prem y Francisco Urzúa I.
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 516, 2018 ◆

Models, Inattention and Bayesian Updates

Javier Turén; Raffaella Giacomini y Vasiliki Skreta
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 515, 2018 ◆

After-School Effects on Students’ Academic Outcomes: Evidence from Chile

Claudia Martínez A.; Marcela Perticará
◆ Documento de Trabajo IE-PUC, N° 514, 2018 ◆
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Felipe Zurita

Felipe Zurita

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Economía Financiera, Teoría de Juegos
Caio Machado

Caio Machado

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Macroeconomics, Financial Economics
Bernardita Vial

Bernardita Vial

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Microeconomía, Economía de la Salud, Economía de la Educación, Teoría de Juegos y Reputación

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